GS-24FITH1C/1S/1W/ 2W/3W GREE Split AC 2 TON Fiary (Inverter) WIFI


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Bigger Indoor and Outdoor Than Fairy Econo
3.7 EER
Wifi Enabled
Curved Elegant Design
1st European Compliant Heat and Cool AC
Latest Powerful Generation-10 Inverters
Energy Efficient Class A+ (Up to 60% Electricity Saving)
Low Voltage Startup 150V
Ultra Low Frequency Torque Control
State-of-the-art High Speed DSP Chip
Precise Temperature Control
Faster Cooling And Heating
Big Indoor (1 Meter)
Hidden Led Display
Fire Proof PCB
Intellegent Defrost
Ceiling Cooling and Floor Heating System
Power Factor Correction Technology Upt to 99%
Turbo Mode


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Gree 2 Ton Fairy Inverter AC
Gree 2 Ton Fairy 24FITH1C/1S/1W/2W/3W is the flasghip model of gree inverter ac in Pakistan. These are the most successful models with a higer eer and seer rating in Pakistan. They come in different colors and all these models are wifi enabled so that you can easily control it from your mobile phone as well.

With an excellent 3.7 EER rating, Gree Fairy 24FITH is one of the best 2 ton inverter ac in Pakistan especially if you want the best specifications but you are short on budget.

Gree fairy although is not a full dc inverter ac but due to the specs and high eer, its equivalent to a full inverter ac when it comes to itspower consumption.

Gree Fairy Features
GREE Inverter Air Conditioners are equipped with latest G10 Inverter Technology which comprise of great 10 features making it the most advance air conditioners

3D Air Flow
GREE Fairy Series have vertical and horizontal swings which can throw air in every corner of room. So room can be cooled quicker and faster to comfort.

Gree Fairy Saves upto 65% Saving
Inverter smart technology helps reduce power consumption upto 60% by automatically reduceing the compressor power to optimum level thus saving the electricity.

Low Voltage Startup
GREE Air Conditioners have SMPS power supply which enables it to work and operat even on low voltage of as low as 150V, giving you peace and comfort you need

Ceiling Cooling and Floor Heating Inverter

Comfortable Sleep Mode
The sleep mode is designed to give you comfort during ypur sleep by increasing the temperature for few hours as you require less cooling while asleep as your body gets cold. You wake up fresh and healthy.

I Feel Function
The mini sensor on the remote control can sense its surrounding temperture and tansmits the signal to the indoor unit. So, the unit can adjust the airflow and temperature accodtingl to provide your a maximum comfort and more energy saving.

State of the Art High Speed DSP Chip
The traditional air conditioners only focuses on temperature control where as GREE digital signal processor (DSP) controls manages your air conditioner with smart intelegence and provide you with optimal experience

Cold Plasma Filter
Gree Cold plasma generator creates ions out of molecules in your home?s air that can drastically improve the indoor air quality. It is an effective method to protect your home air quality against bacteria, mold, viruses and more

Wifi Enabled
Control the temperature of your AC, power on or off from anywhere using your phone by connecting the air conditioner with Wifi. Wifi technology provide you with added convenience in your daily life



BTUs Capacity
24000 BTUs
Capacity Cooling – BTU/H (H/S/L*)
Output Capacity – Cooling – (W) (H/S/L*)
Power Input – Cooling – (W)(H/S/L*)
Capacity Heating – BTU/H (H/S/L*)
Output Capacity – Heating – (W) (H/S/L*)
Power Input – Heating – (W)(H/S/L*)
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficient Class A+
60% Electricity saving
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
Eco Friendly Refrigerant
Low Voltage Start-up

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