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Vitamin Fresh Technology

-5 Way cooling + 30% faster cooling

-Optimized Fan with Deodorizing Filter

-Side Illumination LED

-Low voltage technology

-A+ Energy Rating

-12 years warranty

-1 year extended warranty

87,000.00 88,000.00

DAWLANCE -9169 AVANTE REFRIGERATOR  is a refrigerator model that offers several advanced features. One of its notable features is Nature Lock Technology, which effectively manages air and humidity levels in the crisper to extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables. This technology allows you to store fruits and vegetables in optimal humidity conditions for up to 20 days, ensuring their longevity.

The refrigerator also boasts 5 Way cooling, providing faster and more efficient cooling compared to traditional models. It is equipped with an optimized fan that incorporates a deodorizing filter, ensuring that the air inside remains fresh and clean.

Another notable feature is the Side Illumination LED, which provides a visually appealing and convenient lighting solution, making it easier to locate items inside the refrigerator.

DAWLANCE -9169 AVANTE REFRIGERATOR utilizes inverter compressor technology, which enhances energy efficiency and reduces noise levels. It has an A++ Energy Rating, indicating its high energy efficiency. Compared to conventional refrigerators, this model consumes 55% less electricity, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits.



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Double Door, Top Mount

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Washing Machine Weight 7 KG
Brand Dawlance

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