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If you’re the proud owner of a fully automatic washing machine or contemplating the purchase of one, the question might have crossed your mind: Can a fully automatic washing machine effectively dry clothes?

Let’s delve into this query.

In a nutshell, a fully automatic washing machine doesn’t provide complete drying of clothes. While it meticulously washes and spins clothes to eliminate as much water as possible, approximately 80%, it doesn’t ensure complete dryness. For a thorough drying process, you’ll need to go beyond the machine.

When perusing the features of your automatic washing machine, you might come across a “spin” option, which effectively extracts water from wet clothes. However, it’s essential to understand that this spinning process doesn’t guarantee 100% dryness; it typically achieves around 70 to 80% dryness.


To attain the level of dryness you desire, the utilization of a dryer or hanging your clothes outdoors remains the most effective course of action. But don’t underestimate the role of your washing machine in the drying journey.

Automatic washing machines incorporate a spin cycle at the end of each wash. This cycle revolves around extracting moisture from your clothes, leaving them slightly damp. Yet, the magic doesn’t stop there. Modern washing machines also have the capability to utilize warm air for the drying process.

Here’s how it works: Cold air is drawn into the machine through an air intake and directed towards a heating element. This element transforms the cool air into warm air, which then enters the drum through strategically placed holes. As the drum rotates, the air circulates, enveloping your clothes in a blanket of warmth, effectively aiding the drying process.

For optimal results, proper loading of the washing machine is key. Ensuring that clothes are placed separately within the drum prevents them from bunching up during the spinning cycle, allowing for better air circulation and more efficient drying.

While a fully automatic washing machine might not be the ultimate solution for achieving 100% dryness, it plays an integral role in the drying process, leaving your clothes ready for the final touch of a dryer or the embrace of sunlight and fresh air.


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