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HAIER Refrigerators

Imagine a world where your kitchen space is maximized and your appliances exude both style and innovation. Welcome to the realm of Haier, a dynamic Chinese brand that has woven its trust into the very fabric of the electronics and home appliances universe. Nestled under its expansive wings is a dazzling variety of refrigerators, each a masterpiece in its own right, brought to life in Series like:

SBS Series (Side-by-Side): This lineup boasts twin-inverter technology, ensuring frost-free operation and optimal airflow for a large capacity cooling experience.

E-Star Series: Embracing technological prowess, this series operates efficiently on electricity ranging from 125V to 260V. It employs the remarkable 1HIT Technology for rapid cooling and freezing.

Single Door Series: For those seeking compact refrigeration solutions, the Single Door series offers a variety of options to fit snugly in smaller spaces.

T-Door Series (Side-by-Side): A combination of frost-free convenience and smart humidity features make this series a practical yet stylish choice.

Smart Refrigerator Series: Sporting a T-Door design, this series elevates the game with a triple cooling system, convertible zone, and visible food management features.

Digital Inverter Series: Boasting a humidity control system, digital control technology, and sterilization capabilities, this lineup ensures your food stays fresher for longer.



  • Seamless Design with Integrated Handles: The absence of handles doesn’t just add a sleek touch; it creates extra space, making installation a breeze and giving your kitchen an airy feel.
  • Modern Shelving & LED Lighting: Adjustable glass shelves offer adaptable storage, while energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates your items, both inside and out. The interior’s blue and gray accents lend an unexpected touch of elegance.
  • Internal Water & Ice Dispenser: Embrace convenience with an internal water dispenser that provides refreshing, filtered water at a simple touch. Meanwhile, a factory-installed icemaker ensures a steady supply of ice, minus the hassle.


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Dawlance Refrigerators: A Range for Every Home

Dawlance, headquartered in Karachi, has become a household name in Pakistan for its diverse selection of refrigerators. Whether you’re looking for traditional or inverter technology, Dawlance has you covered. Here’s a breakdown of the types they offer:

  • Single Door: Ideal for smaller spaces, single-door refrigerators offer efficiency and convenience.
  • Double Door: These spacious options provide separate compartments for freezing and cooling, ensuring your food stays fresher for longer.
  • Multi Door: Offering advanced features and ample storage, multi-door refrigerators are perfect for larger families.
  • No Frost: Say goodbye to manual defrosting with no-frost technology that keeps frost at bay.

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Gree Refrigerators: Embracing Innovation

Gree, a well-established brand, boasts innovative features in their refrigerators. They claim to have the world’s #1 SECOP compressor, ensuring quiet operation at only 38db. Additionally, their fridges can operate effectively at impressively low voltages as low as 125v. With 80mm thick insulation, these refrigerators offer 25% more cooling retention and can deep cool up to -25°C.

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Kenwood Refrigerators: Innovation Meets Modernity

Kenwood offers a range of smart refrigerators designed to meet the needs of the modern kitchen. These refrigerators are environmentally friendly and equipped with three times thicker walls, ensuring they remain efficient even during power outages.

Two Series of Kenwood Refrigerators:

  1. Inverter Series: Known for their energy efficiency, these refrigerators adapt to varying cooling needs.
  2. Non-Inverter Series: Offering reliable performance and affordability, these refrigerators get the job done.

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